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    The United Nations Association helps every individual to work as one. How would you be able to say that the UN is effectively implemented if you don’t have any idea on the importance of this association in the first place? That is why we are here in order to further explain and give you an in-depth comprehension of the United Nations Association. We also present our missions and aims in order to have a more sustainable world.

    But, before anything else, we would like to introduce you the importance of this association. Before you are presented with our objectives, events, and careers that we tend to offer, it is important that you know you are doing this for a reason. What exactly could it be?

    First, you are aware of what’s going on in our society. Since we are encouraging debates and forums to let the citizen voice out their requirements, needs, and complaints, you know exactly what is happening around. Of course, we incorporate the law in every move we make to offer. There are thousands of people who do not care about the politics and tend to violate the law without even knowing it. Ignorance will make them leave uncritical comments regarding our society. A law-abided citizen would want to make sure that he knows all the laws and the recent ones that had been added so that he consider every move he makes.

    It cannot be denied that having no idea on what’s going on around you can be frustrating. Aside from that, it leads you to leave unnecessary remarks on how the officials govern the society. Think outside of the box. Be aware. Learn how to associate with the government and organizations. It will make you a better citizen of this society.

    Second, your opinion will always matter. All of your statement and comments are powerful. Regardless of your sex, position, age, and view in life, we respect every comment and decision that you make. Everyone has a right to say something about what is going on in our society.

    UNA Advantages

    Every vote that you make, even if you are not aware, affects thousands of lives in your country. It also has an impact on their everyday routine. So never think of your statements, comments, and anything else that you have to say because we tend to value every bit of it. Third, most of the people think that politics is a complex system handled by corrupts and thieves dressed as a government official. No, it isn’t. While there are some cases wherein the money of the citizens is being stolen by some of the greedy politicians, our advocacy only revolves around what’s going to be the best for the citizens.

    UNA Introduction

    Every mission and aims that we present to you will be all for the good of many. We wanted to improve the quality of lives of the people. Aside from that, we also wanted to change the misconception and incorrect point of view of many about politics being a haven for greedy officials. The money will never go straight into the pockets of the officials who govern the association. We are very transparent on what we are doing and we wanted to assure you that everything is done in a legal and acceptable way. Fourth, there are some people who simply do not care about politics. When it’s time for the election.

    UNA Procedures

    They will not put second thoughts about who are they going to vote. They will even accept money from some candidates who will remind them to vote for their name. Little did they know that the money that will be stolen from them in the future is much bigger in case they let a greedy official win. We wanted to make sure that these people can learn from us when it comes to government associations and politics. More often than not, people who do not care about politics will be the one to leave angry statements or comments in case something bad happens. There are even some who will fully regret on not voting.

    Fifth, as what we have mentioned above, we wanted to educate people about the United Nations association. What is it all about? What can they benefit from this? We wanted to gain critical mass support from you after you have fully understood how this association works. We know that every people in the world are in need of UN. They are simply not aware of how the United Nations associationshelp them to transform their lives into a better one. Of course, we do not give false promises that will lead to nothing.

    We are being realistic on what we can and cannot offer. Now that you have fully understood how it works. You will have an idea on how it can affect your life. Aside from that, we also wanted to stimulate forums that will let your voice out what’s in your head regarding this system.

    All we ever wanted is to educate as many people as possible about the United Nations association. Even if we are not an official part of the UN, we tend to imply to citizens the achievements, objectives, and aims of UN. In that way, you will never suffer about not knowing what’s going on around you and being clueless on how the government works nowadays. Being a smart citizen who offers support to this association is what we need in order to show the world what we can truly offer. The goal of the UN is to make the world a better place to live in.

    Therefore, we invite you to be part of our association, listen and be educated. After which, you can now make smarter decisions that can help improve the lives of many people.

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