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    It is very important that you know what United Nations is all about before you are presented with our advocacies and aims. If you know next to nothing about the United Nations, here is everything that you need to know. It will help you to have an open mind on what this association is all about and be a wise decision-maker.

    What exactly is the United Nations all about?

    United Nations is created in order to maintain the peace among other countries and let them work as one. It is the only association that lets other countries discuss with each other despite the barrier of language, religion, and beliefs. If there are any disputes and conflicts that haven’t come with a resolution just yet, United Nations also help them to resolve it in order to be more effective leaders into their countries.

    There are some countries that had been bloodedwith war and disputes had not come into a peaceful resolution just yet. This organization helps other countries to have a chance to resolve the conflict and talk to each other without any violent actions. The UN wanted to promote world peace and encourage other countries to be a member of this association in order to have a more peaceful country and become an effective leader. The UN has its own goals and advocacies that they wanted to achieve too. Such advocacies only revolve around making the lives of the humanity better. They wanted to make the world a better place to live in by resolving any existing international problems in most of the countries.

    What are the objectives of the UN?

    The objectives of the UN, as what we’ve mentioned above are mostly all about the humanity. First, the UN aims to maintain the world peace and secures every country that is part of the organization. Second, they also help other countries to develop agood relationship with other neighboring countries as well. Aside from that, the UN tends to foster full cooperation so that any cultural or humanitarian conflicts will all come to a resolution. They also make sure that all countries are given equal attention in voicing out their problems or complaints so that the conflict will soon end after the discussion.

    History the United Nations

    The United Nations was created soon after the World War II. It attempted to stop the war for the sake of humanity but they failed miserably. However, it works harder this time around in order to prevent any other war that may arise between countries. As of now, the United Nations has 51 member countries cooperating on their main goal.

    What are the benefits of being a member of UN?

    Being a member of UN makes the country leader effectively rule his people. It also secures them from wars that may arise from then on. Other countries tend to join UN for their security and reservation of their culture. All members of the UN understand how this system works and how they are the main beneficiary of their goals and advocacies. They tend to conduct conferences every now and then in order to further discuss the main objectives and the efficacy of this system. It also gives them an opportunity to discuss their remaining conflicts among other countries to erase all bad history.

    How can I show my support to UN?

    There are some associations, for example, the UNA-UK, that encourages individuals to have an in-depth comprehension of the UN. Their main goal is to educate people and gain mass support to further improve this organization and come up with a more sustainable society for everyone. Not all people understand UN and how it works. Some do not even care about politics at all. That is why it is so important to know how this system works so that you will be able to make a smarter decision from then on.

    How can the UN benefit me as an individual?

    Most people does not take on interest with the United Nations because they think that it’s a matter to discusswith presidents and leaders of the countries only. However, what they say about this organization is very powerful. Every decision they make can help them live in a better country. The UN can secure you that you will never experience any violent wars against other countries and fear for your life because of the conflicts. It will not limit your opportunities abroad and you will receive a warm welcome from all the countries that are part of the organization.