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    How is United Nations Different from Other Organization?

    What makes the United Nations different from other international organization? Why are that more and more countries tend to join this organization? Here are the following reasons why countries must be a member of the UN:

    They help in maintaining world peace of security

    The main goal of the United Nations is to maintain world peace and security. Therefore, they make sure that there are observer and peacekeeping officials in the most trouble spots of the world so that any conflict will be resolved and everyone will calm down. These peacekeeping operations are still on-going up until now.

    They settle arguments

    The UN also tries to settle disputes, misunderstanding, and arguments against countries to countries. They make sure that all of the members of their organization are in good terms with each other. Chances are provided from countries to talk with each other and they also suggest resolutions. Aside from that, they tend to prevent any potential conflicts that may arise. All of their assemblies and meetings are done with the consideration of the peace-building measures.

    They clear landmines

    It cannot be denied that landmines had stolen thousands of lives before. Therefore, the United Nations helps every country to help clear all the landmines in order to maintain the safety of innocent civilians. They make sure that people know how to stay away from these dangers. All victims of landmines are provided with assistance. They tend to help all of their members of the organization in order to fully clear out the landmines to prevent any innocent lives from being taken away again.

    They help in fighting terrorism

    Terrorism is also one of the major causes of death in most of the countries. Therefore, the United Nations make sure that they are able to provide all global strategy in order to help in combating the terrorism. All global agreements are also being assisted by the United Nations. In that way, nuclear terrorism, bombings, attacking, and other forms of terrorism are prevented.

    They help in fighting off sexual violence

    Sexual violence had already destroyed thousands of lives. Therefore, the United Nations make sure that it is being ended or at least suppressed in most of the countries who suffers most from this kind of violence. Up to 60,000 women suffered and were raped during the war and the United Nations do not want to increase the number of these victims anymore. Aside from that, they also make sure that they can help the victims in getting back to their lives again. They provide assistance to the female police officials, implements new laws against sexual violence, and continue to create aprogram that will end the suffering of children and women.

    These and other benefits make the UN stand above the crowd. These are just one of the many reasons why most of the countries are signing up to this international organization. In that way, they can rest assured that they are able to develop their own country with the help and assistance of UN.