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    United Nations Association FAQs

    Soon after the World War II ended, the United Nations Association had been founded when some countries decided that it’s about time to maintain the world peace that everyone deserves. This organization has its own rules, regulations, goals, and advocacies that they wanted to achieve. If you have some inquiries, read the following frequently-asked questions below. You might find the answer that you had been looking for:

    How true is that the UN is a replacement?

    Yes, it’s true. The United Nations is a replacement of the League of Nations after it had failed to settle the issues that had arisen during the World War I regarding the organization being biased. It is on their treatment for the countries that lost this war, most especially the German.

    Did the United Nations succeed during the Cold War Era?

    Since the main goal of the United Nations is to prevent any wars from occurring, the United Nations also tried to address the cold war. However, it seems like the organization had been futile on this war era to address the issues and conflicts against states from states. Therefore, they are only partially successful in addressing this cold war.

    What are the components of the United Nations?

    The United Nations Association consists of thepup to 6 components. These components have its own goals and missions attributed to this organization as well. This includes the Economic and Social Council, General Assembly, Trusteeship Council, International Court of Justice and the Security Council. All of them are working towards one main goal only—to maintain world peace.

    Is the United Nations multilingual?

    It cannot be denied that the barrier of language can sometimes cause conflicts among countries. Therefore, United Nations made it sure that they are multilingual. As of now, all of their headquarters speaks up to six languages. It includes Arabic, Russian, Chinese, English, French, and Spanish. In that way, they could effectively communicate with each other and avoid potential misunderstandings.

    Who are the sources of the funds of this organization?

    All the members are the sources of the funds for the United Nations to work. However, about 20% of the funds are coming from the country of the United States and 10% are from the country of Japan. The rest of the countries have their fair share of attributes to the funding as well in order to accomplish their goals and achievements.

    Is the Spain member of the United Nations?

    Yes, the Spain is amember of the organization until 1955. While this country claimed that they are “neutral” during the World War II, they have their secret alliance with the Nazis. Therefore, for the first 10 years, they had not been admitted to the organization.

    We hope that all of your questions had been answered with the list of FAQs we presented above. Should you have any questions, feel free to leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Join our charitable company and support every global goal of the UN!