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    Everything You Need to Know about United Nations

    You’ve probably heard about United Nations Association a couple of times most especially if your country is a proud member of it. However, do you have any idea how this organization works and benefits all the members of it? Well, if you still know next to nothing about United Nations, here is everything you need to know about this organization. You may find yourself showing massive support by being a member of an association that proudly supports the UN.

    United Nations had been established for 70 years

    This year, the United Nations Association will be celebrating its 70th anniversary from the day it was born in 1945. 51 countries decided that they need to stop the violent wars and prevent the one that is threatening to occur nowadays. While it cannot be denied that the UN had not been able to prevent the World War II from enraging back in time, the UN nowadays had been fully improved and much stronger than before. It had been working for over 70 years trying to maintain the world peace that everyone deserves.

    United Nations has its own organs

    Just like a human body that consists of different organs in order to move and function properly, the UN is also filled with organs that make sure that the organization is properly functioning. These organs include all the countries that are members of the organization. They tend to work as one in order to maintain the world security and achieve all the global goals that they had established.

    United Nations makes reasonable decision

    Before coming up with a plan or an advocacy, the United Nations always make sure that they conduct a General Assembly first. In that way, all countries have their own voice and opinions regarding a certain concern or presentation. UN ambassadors are there to represent their own countries and fully participate when it comes to deciding all matters.

    United Nations make sure that all disputes are settled

    It cannot be denied that despite being part of the same organization, there are still some countries who disagree with each other’s beliefs and opinions. That is why a court of justice is also established in this organization. It has 15 judges so that all conflicts and disputes are settled beforehand. Since the main goal of this organization is to achieve world peace, it should not have any conflicts on the organization itself

    The United Nations has a strict security

    This organization is very keen and wary to something that can pose a threat to the world peace that they are trying to maintain. That is why they feature a strict security in order to make sure that they will be able to achieve their goals and every discussion remains confidential to members only.

    Now that you know something about the United Nations and how it works, you should consider joining any charitable company that can help you to further understand everything about this organization. It is also one way of showing your support to the world peace.