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    What are the Benefits of Being Member of the United Nations?

    Do you want to know the benefits that all the UN members enjoy? Here are the following benefits of a country that can gain if they are part of this international organization.

    They are provided with assistance during disasters

    Being a member of the United Nations can rest assure you that if your country is being devastated by a natural disaster such as anearthquake, tsunami, flood, or even war, the organization will immediately send their help to your country. They provide assistance for a faster recovery and make sure that you are being aided in needs of times of need.

    Further development of the economy

    United Nations also make sure that they are able to help further develop the economy of the nation. They have aconnection with the World Bank Group as well as the International Monetary Fund. They can help a certain country to get loans if the purpose is for the improvement of their own nation. Countries that are not part of this organization often have a hard time reaching out the WBG. That is why being part of this international organization can help the country for their own economic development.

    Improving the health sector of the nation

    The United Nations is always more than willing to help the country to further improve their health sectors. They have aconnection with the World Health Organization which helps them third-world countries to be part of the program that the WHO conducts. For instance, the WHO had already helped some countries in the Asia when it comes to combating the HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Being part of the United Nations can assure your country that your health sector is not neglected.

    Improving the humanity sector of the nation

    Since the main goal of the United Nations is to maintain world peace, they tend to improve the humanity sector of the nation. Your religion, gender, beliefs, and age do not affect their view of you as a human being. Rest assured that the human rights in your country are respected and well-implemented. They tend to protect the human rights of all the members of this international organization.

    The country can settle disputes against other states

    Being a member of the United Nations Association will let the country have a chance to settle all disputes that they have against other countries. There should be no conflict between the members of this organization. With the help of the official and judges, all disagreements will all come to a resolution as long as you are a member of the UN association. They promote the world peace, therefore there shouldn’t be any conflicts on the organization itself.

    Now that you know the advantages of being a member of the United Nations, you should not hesitate to support this international organization from now on. Knowing all the benefits that the United Nations can offer helps you to thoroughly understand the mission and goals of this organization that had been running for the past couple of years.